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A word used to describe the smoking or consumption of Marijuana. It is the universal language for "lighting one up" at any given time of day.
Alex: Heyyyy!
Age: Yo!
John: What are you sayin?
Alex: Just chillin.
Age: Let's tootse an OG?
Alex: Sure, I have crazy OG?
Age: I have ridiculous OG!
John: Yah right!
Age: Did you talk to anybody?
Alex: No. So what's goin on with the crazy, ridiculous OG situation.
Age: You wanna toss a meeshed OG salad?
John: Sick!
Alex: Okay call me back when you're ready to OG.
Age: Okay talk to you in a bit.
John: Later man!

This scenario illustrates the perfect usage of the word OG.
If you have any questions feel free to contact either Alex, Age, or John at any time. Leave a message though, I am pretty sure we will be tied up OG'ing.
by Meeshy Me April 20, 2006
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