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A mixture of cocaine and gunpowder.
a line of brown-brown got me all fired up.
by mees January 04, 2006
something that sounds like swedish, but is not. is used, when somebody refers to you in swedish, but your swedish skills equal to none.
Sven Svenson:"Hur funkar det rent praktiskt?"
You: "jarlog!"
by mees August 24, 2004
It is a deep acute snif of human flesh.
I can shnaaf that homo sapien from a mile away.
by Mees May 06, 2005
It does not mean anything by itself, but it may be used in conjunction with the colour pink.

Fneedram pink is an immutable tenacious colour. Fneedram is a very eloquent use of the word pink.
She bit me so hard, my skin turned fneedram pink!
by Mees May 06, 2005
See emphasize.
See emphasize.
See emphasize.
I mfasize(d) myself.
by Mees May 06, 2005

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