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The only adjective capable of displaying the awesome-ness of turtlesquat-ing Jackie Chan.
See, TurtleSquat
by MeerSchweinchen April 29, 2004
Origin, Florida, 2004

The act of poking someone in the eye with a Snicker's bar, while afterwards saying "I didn't do it, it was Marryanne"
Dude, that's a twix bar...
by MeerSchweinchen April 29, 2004
When you put a japanese pre-pubescent boy in the elevator, and then...shake..the elevator.
Like a Milkshake but not.

Man, I TurtleSquat-ed Jackie Chan last night. It was ghonafophorific.
by MeerSchweinchen April 29, 2004
To remember something you just forgot
Bob: You have the tickets?
Jim: Crap, I just fogot that I had to bring them.
by MeerSchweinchen May 15, 2004

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