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To fill a cave is to have a big steamy shit, about the size of a bag of sugar! The name comes from the time two marine explorers in greece came among a cave whilst swimming. The decided to try and venture in only to find a huge steamy shit in the cave.
person 1: Your boppin like a break dancer whats wrong man?
person 2: Aw man i need to fill a cave desperatly and there is no toilet
by Meechan September 26, 2006
Steamy Hot Tuggin'
Rep: I'll Have to get official on your cock!
by Meechan September 12, 2006
As people do not seem to car about they're cars in greece a greek body kit is a car with a dint in it, perminatly by the looks of it! This dint can be small or even a whole missing wing, the possibilities are endless.
Look my Starlet has a greek body kit!
What happened man?
Hit a fence!
by Meechan September 12, 2006

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