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2 definitions by MeeHannn

an ugly girl who is "easy" and gets with mediocre guys to prove her "sluttiness". This kind of girl can be found wearing large boots and push up bras. Do not be frightened by this type of girl for she means no harm.
john: " aye man, lately Big Johns been a little lonely..."

clay: " why don't you just give Bootz a call."

john: "great idea. you always got my back!"
by MeeHannn December 20, 2009

the act of a man wiggling his penis in a girl's mouth, while she wiggles her fingers in the air.

P.S. try it, it's worth it.
dean: "i gave her the best wigglesworth last night."

randy: "was it worth it?"

dean: "without a doubt."
by MeeHannn December 19, 2009