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Refers to something that is bad, typically frustrating in the process.
That was the worst sandwich I've ever had....it was total dog ass.

Some dog ass stole my car stereo!
by Mediocrates May 19, 2004
An adjective to describe an attractive person.

Refers to the on deck status in baseball, namely being a person who is very much "ready to go."
Did you see that girl? She was ON DECK!
by Mediocrates May 19, 2004
Verb, meaning to screw someone out of something; noun as "stein" or "steiner" as one who steins.

Similar to jew and possibly due to the common suffix of -stein in Jewish names.
This donut only has 2 sprinkles! That guy steined me on the sprinkles!

You steiners better come up with that 20 bucks you owe me.
by Mediocrates May 25, 2004

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