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Alright, Binghamton is a good place, and the slander of it all is ridiculous. I lived in Binghamton for 10 years and plan on moving back after i graduate. All of the long island ass-monkeys need to mind their own business and keep their droll idiotic sense of humor and miopic opinions to themselves. Binghamton is a great place to live. True it is very cloudy most of the time, there is a small population, and it seems to get a little droll itself. There is a massive up side to the area though. The people are friendly and will be nice if you are nice to them. The area is clean considering the amount of crappy houses on Susquehanna street. There is very little "gang activity." The people that move into the area for college and then move out after words dont experience Binghamton at and the only thing they see is a little back water town that they cant believe their parents are sending them to. These people are the ones that need to not only get out of Binghamton but that need to get off the face of the earth. You shouldnt talk badly about the city becuase it could be a lot worse. If you dont believe me, visit Monticello,NY, stay there for about a week and you will walk back to Binghamton and be glad doing it because you will look foward to the city atmosphere and the droll depressing city sky. So if you dont have anything noce to say, especially people that live in the city of Binghamton, keep your thoughts to yourself.
"We are the Binghamton Mets!!"
by Medical School Drop-Out April 11, 2008

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