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4 definitions by Medford Man

A needy roommate, classmate, relative, or other associate who impedes your ability to make friends by insisting on being part of any new relationship you try to make. The friend blocker stands next to you while you are meeting new people and makes clear that the blocker is part of any new friendship.
Dillon is introducing himself to Jeremy, a new guy on the dorm floor. Dillon's roommate is a friend blocker, so he walks up beside Dillon and says, "Dillon, my man, who's our new friend?" Then the roommate stands immediately next to Dillon for the duration of the conversation.
by Medford Man December 24, 2009
Repub: Political Party also known as Republican or GOP. It is the response of Democrats to the growing habit of Republican cable news commentators and elected officials to calling their opposition the "Democrat" party.
Carville: "If Repub senators want to keep losing elections they should oppose Obama's stimulus package."

GOP Congressman on CNN: "The Democrat party is spending too much."
Democratic Congressman responds: "The Repubs drove the economy into a ditch and now we are trying to fix the mess they made."
by Medford Man May 16, 2009
Probably, pronounced as "pro ba blEE. Pronounced as proablEE the word means the matter has been settled. The word summarizes a discussion about a likely event and denotes acceptance of the near certainty of the matter by the speaker. Use of the word means the speaker has fully conceded the point, and wishes to end the conversation. It is usually a one-word sentence.

Although the accent is on he final syllable, it is pronounced with a fatalistic tone.
Dillon: Yikes! That traffic camera caught me going through a red light.

Travis: Yeah, I saw the light flash. You're going to get a ticket for sure.

Dillon: ProbablEE.

Sam: Levi, you're totally gonna be a dad. Bristol doesn't believe in abortion and she's preggers.

Levi: ProbablEE.
by Medford Man May 10, 2009
To be excluded from the circle of people who are party to a secret, who are members of a conspiracy, or who share a common attribute. It is the opposite of "inside" the conspiracy. Leaving people "outside" often reflects the insiders goal of protecting them from the legal consequences of knowledge of he secret.
In the TV show The West Wing a dozen or so people were privy to the knowledge that President Bartlett had M.S. His wife knew and was "inside". His press secretary, C J Craig, was "outside" and could say in public with complete and legally unassailable honesty (though in fact inaccurately) that the president was healthy. She was "outside."

The drug dealer kept his girlfriend "outside". She thought he made his money as a musician.
by Medford Man May 25, 2009