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Members of a vocal movement against gay rights. Al-Gayda opposes gay marriage, gay partner benefits, gay adoption, and takes their beliefs a step farther by protesting inappropriately (such as at funerals), peppering their "arguments" with ignorant beliefs and gay slurs, and generally acting like social terrorists.
I'm gonna have to de-friend Bob, I had no idea he was Al-Gayda.
by Medesha October 27, 2010
To take the last of the coffee and not make any more for your coworkers. Describes the mix of frustration, anger, and resignation as you look at your cream ("cram") filled coffee mug while hefting the bone-dry ("bone") empty pot.
"Aw, man! I really wanted some coffee, but John cramboned me." "I was going to make more coffee but I was in a hurry, so I just cramboned everyone."
by Medesha April 04, 2009
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