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Satan! - The Board Game!
dat is some seriously fucked up shit right there i'm not kiddin ya neither
by meatwad September 10, 2004
Lead Man for several famous bands. Also a habitual masturbator
Mike Patton is a habitual masturbator
by meatwad May 06, 2005
What Disco Stu said he should have done after steroid-crazed Marge broke a jukebox over his head at Moe's Tavern.
Disco Stu shoulda Disco Ducked
by meatwad April 14, 2005
one who works your nutsack without romantic relations
man john deberry is peytons' fondel buddy.
by meatwad September 20, 2003
something that is unmeasurablly pimp(to a pimptinth power)
that pimp is so fucking pimptastical. damn!!!!
by meatwad September 22, 2003
In referance to the video game 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'. It was said by some random spammer over at J.D.'s Worst of Wrestling.
Vice City is boos! But it now!!
by Meatwad October 21, 2004
A rugby playing, clothes too tight wearing, Blind Pig Tavern working prick.
Marc Petrini is a super-mega-ultra douche bag.
by meatwad April 06, 2005
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