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The almighty figure of the belief system Conceptual Peniosity, and a rough influence on Wangertonialism
Holden: Caulfield, please don't anger The Great Penis, or you will suffer his sticky wrath.
Caulfield: Oh my Penis, I'm so very sorry
by Meathammer and Thongbreaker April 09, 2009
Anything of, or relating to the penis; Jenna
1. Gay men's lives are very penisual.
2. Garrick was acting soooo penisual today.
by Meathammer and Thongbreaker August 02, 2008
The religious practice of worshiping the wang. Often associated with the gay community, but can be practiced by all types of people.
1-Garrick is such a wangertonialist.... i mean, seriously.
2-Dude: Dude are you going to church on sunday?
Gay: Naw dude wangertonialism has service on wednesdays

by Meathammer and Thongbreaker April 09, 2009
a bucket o' hoes
Joe: Hey, what do you want to do tonight?
Steve: Lets go grab ourselves a hoe bucket.
Joe: HOES!!!
by Meathammer and Thongbreaker April 09, 2009

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