4 definitions by Meatball

The act of ejaculating on a ho after some good sex. U must be skilled however, because the act of skeeting is handless and totally unexpected to the ho.
I gave that slut a no hands facial to top it off and she didn't even see it coming. It was swell
by Meatball April 18, 2005
The act of cooking to perfection, then selling that shit on the streets. Feeding peoples addictions is always a great way to make money in America
Camron and the Dipset Crew can be seen flipping crack on the corners of Harlem... Bird Gang Bitches!
by Meatball April 18, 2005
Some one that is Buck in the club and is not afraid to Knuck when he's is buck.
Meatball got Bullistic with it last night. He straight up shanked all those fools!
by Meatball April 18, 2005
Jumpdafuckup originated from Soulfly and all you motha fucka's should listen to them cos they kick ass
"whhhaaa Jumpdafuckup!!!!"
by Meatball April 06, 2004

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