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The act of approaching another person, getting within 4 inches of them (chest to chest), and flapping your arms up and down
No Ray, they were Penguin Hugging
by MeatMonster246 December 05, 2010
Getting on a merry-go-round with your partner and having a quickie in cowgirl position on one of the horses and finishing before the merry-go-round stops
Did you have Fun at the Carnival?" "Yeah, I went on a very-merry-go-round!
by MeatMonster246 December 05, 2010
In World of Warcraft, running through an enemy-free instance from beginning to end while masturbating and reaching an orgasm before getting to the end
Taunter: How long did it take to get through Wailing Caverns?
Orc: Longer than an Instance-Bate
by MeatMonster246 December 05, 2010
Hearing a Lady Ga Ga song over and over again until you have homicidal thoughts
Bad Romaaaance" "If I hear this song one more time, I swear to god I will go Ga-Ga Homicidal
by MeatMonster246 December 05, 2010

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