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2 definitions by Meat the destroyer

A sex act reserved usually for a man and several willing ladies in which the blind-folded man is seated on a couch and music is played. Whilst music is blaring the several ladies walk circles behind the seated man. When the man hits pause on the musical selection the nearest lady must jump upon him and have anal sexual intercourse. When man is tired of that rectum he hits play and the lady jumps off and the musical circle begins.
"Damn dude!" Exclaimed Kody. "Matt is so lucky, he played musical assholes with those triplets from the bar last night."
by Meat the Destroyer September 02, 2011
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Also known as poison Ivy or poison oak. The oil of Forest Herpes may cause an allergic reaction causing itchy rashes or boils.
"Mark won't be in today, he got a bad case of Forest Herpes on his face and ass!"
by Meat the destroyer September 01, 2011
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