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a retard, or someone being retarded
Look at the short bus full of waterheads
by Meat Paddy April 28, 2003
any male who acts kind of fruity. Mostly used among friends in jest, but not limited that situation.
Hey Dude Smoochin Pee-Pee Toucher, stop singing avril songs and get you head in the game.
by Meat Paddy April 28, 2003
An overly plump induvidual. Mostly directed towards fat women. Spoken like Jabba the Hut.
Iggy-Wiggy! Thats a fat bitch!
by Meat Paddy April 27, 2003
A term used when surprised. Mostly used in situations when you are at a loss for words.
GOO!...that bitch has some big tiddies!
by Meat Paddy April 27, 2003

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