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A girl who has been gutted out by a lot of men in her life time. Hence the term "bone collector."
"See that chick over there, I heard she's fucked about twenty dudes, she's a real bone collector."

"Me and my boys just ran train on this chick. She's a fuckin bone collector."
by Meat Dismantler March 20, 2009
A place where men meet in order to get their swell on. Ideally a small area in which high testosterone levels will lead to angry, disturbing conversation and extremely outlandish behavior.
I'm about to get swollen as fuck in the swell chamber.
by Meat Dismantler April 02, 2009
When a man is attending a pool party or any event which he will be bare-chested at, and he does numerous push-ups, crunches, and isometric exercises behind closed doors in order to look swollen when he returns to the party.
Brian: "Yo, fuckin private swell right now upstairs, I'll go first, you watch the door"

Jamie: "Ight yo let's get fuckin swollen."
by Meat Dismantler April 02, 2009

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