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Dont Treat The EMOS bad. I Used To Hate Them Then I Realized some of them have fucked up parents who beat them and shit. have u ever thaught about what goes on at peoples houses fuck leave the emo kids alone let them listen to there music that not everyone likes the cutting part is stupid that why there are emos i hate but most of the ones i know dont. And There Hott. They Wear Tight Clothes So What. They Like black so do i. Black Hair Over One Eye. Alot Skateboard who cares if there diffrent not many stay like that there whole lifes and if u keep doing shit to them they wont have time to change.
every high school there is theres an emo person there always happy but who knows wat happens at home dont hate emos
#sexy #some cut plz dont #some cry alot not all #tight cloths #some smoke
by Mearshall November 14, 2006
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