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Being a tool is generally related to an inability to think freely of outside influence; the tool enjoys MTV and 24 hour news channels, listens to pop music, blindly idolizes others (usually celebrities/musicians/politicians), and will often pick up trendy interests or habits just because they have suddenly noticed their peers doing it.

The poser is almost always a breed of tool, as posing often comes as the result of a current fad that followers want in on, or failing that, the poser is simply trying to be something that they (and most everyone else) can clearly see to the contrary.

The tool may also be someone who is easily taken advantage of by others on a personal or social level, even those they are not closely associated with. Common uses of the tool by others include money, rides, drugs and alcohol, etc...
If you cannot tell who the tool is or why in each of the following scenarios, it is likely that you are one yourself.

Girl: Honey, can we stop at a news stand really quick? I need a copy of People.
Guy: Why do you need People Magazine? It's just a collection of clothing and TV ads and pictures of famous people.
Girl: I need to read the latest dirt on Tom Cruise!


Mall Metal Kid: Man, I love metal so much!
Metal fan: Me too, who have you been listening to lately?
MMK: Oh, you know, Trivium, Slipknot, Bullet for My Valentine... Really heavy shit.
Metal fan: Matt Heafy is kind of lame. Not a very good guitarist.
MMK: Who?
Metal fan: Matt Heafy. The guitarist from Trivium. He's also the singer.
MMK: Oh. I knew that.


Guy: Hello?
Girl: HEY! What's up?
Guy: Oh, hi! It's been a long time... Like at least a month or two.
Girl: Yeah, I know... Wanna hang out?
Guy: Sure.
Girl: Can you come pick me up?
Guy: Alright, I'm on my way.

=20 minutes later=

Guy: Hey, hop in.
Girl: Sure. *pause* Wanna go to the mall? I wanted to look for something.
Guy: Uhhhh... Ok!
by MeaninglessSoubriquet July 25, 2008

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