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A person who is emotionaly, sexually, physically and spiritually attracted to both genders. A person who also can find it hard to decide which sex to be with; but isn't someone who does it for attention, or desperation.
Me of course..
by Meagen January 21, 2004
Free thinkers, people who can think for themselves and have faith within themselves instead of putting their lives into the hands of someone who no one knows if they really exsist.
They don't worship satan or god...or any higher power...they worship themselves...they believe they are their own god and that they are responsible for their own actions.
I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exsist!
by Meagen January 21, 2004
People who are considered less than cool, because the lie to brag about music and steal Avril Lavignes (supposed) style. Usually includes Xs in front of names, and they like to make 50 grammatical errors per sentence.

''Wheres the flood? Glorias rolled up her pants to show off her striped socks, again''
by meagen June 16, 2004
Some word that is way overused. Mainly an illusion or myth. No one is perfect, because with flaws there is no perfection, nothing is perfect, because there is something wrong with everything.
''it's such a perfect example of being lame, how the retards on this website put stupid things like *so and so* is perfect, on this site, when no one is perfect, and names dont have definitions, queerface''
by meagen June 16, 2004
fagcrew owns, oh and by the way, the drunks are the old natives in memorial park. none of us are dying of alcoholism, so suck it.
''Andrews drunk for the 10th time this week, no suprise, haha, theres nothing better to do around here''.

''Sudbury (westend, donovan, minnowlake) WUUUUUUT''.
by meagen June 16, 2004
Sheep, followers of trendy fashion, music, and other people's opinions. Girls who don't have a voice of their own and have to be accepted by society in everyday life. Fakers, posers, closed minded individuals who can't accept indifference in another person.
Cheerleaders, Teenie Boppers, Prom Queens...
by Meagen January 21, 2004
A group of people, who limit themselves to people who only act and talk just like them. No one is ever good enough for them, but you can usually get somewhere for awhile by kissing all of their asses and letting them take advantage of you. Elitism, is usually related to trends since they are all the same, and anyone different is shut out of their little 'group'. Elitists like to label everyone.They are usually looked up to by younger people, because they have ''all the cool band shirts'' and piercings. In reality, it all basically just revolves around alcoholism and stds.
''Nice shoes, im elite, wanna fuck''

''I'm sorry, I'm just too elite for you guys now''

''Im too elite to get tested''
by Meagen March 22, 2004

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