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1 definition by MeG_G

Rap. Rap is a derivative of apparently musical shit or poetry some niggers invented. Look rap is rap, poetry is poetry don't fuckin insult those poor poets!! U niggas r associating their poetry to ur monotone beat with a random mumbling nigger talking about skankz money pimps sex drugs jail and the ghetto over the beat!! I mean come on!! Reality check! U say that we don't understand rap cuz were not poor.. Think bout it.. if u lissen to rap it means u associate with it so ull always be poor!! Instead of moning bout how life is hard in the ghetto, then do something bout it!!! Don't just drop out of school and lissen to rap!! Get a life!!! And plus all this gangsta crap that was stolen from the italian mafia!! Comon stop immitating italians! Capone, Gotti, gansgtERism, organized crime, mafia! that's all italian n some assholes like three six mafia go and ruin an italian heritage term!! Irv Gotti! did he really have to change his name to an italian one??!!WTF!!!! GEt ur own heritage and life! Ur probly thinkin im a redneck that lissens to rock now. Surprise! i dont like rock! And guess what?? i dont live in a ghetto!! ahahahaha ...this rap shit is degrading the negro society...! blacks are putting themselves down!! its a vicious circle! Dont u get it rap is ment to suck you into a life of poverty and stay at the bottom of the social pyramid! Shit!! good luck in life. peace out. And i fully respect any afro-american who doesnt associate to this crap.
Rap man: You know its hard out here for a pimp! We gotta get money for the rent!

Smart man: Then get a real fuckin job so u can pay for the rent like the other 250 million ctizens in this fuckin country!

Rap man: Uhhh...

Smart man: (drives off in his mercedes)
by MeG_G May 26, 2006
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