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A stupid white boy who don't know his place in society. Usually a dumb-fuck from an incredibly rich suburban family with at least 2 nice cars. They go around talking, acting, dressin up, rapping, and taking dicks up the ass like the real Gangsters. They pretend they live in the streets and that they have gats and gangs and homeboys. They're grammar is so bad it is easier to understand them when they have a cock down their throat. These fags should be laughed at, made fun of, shot, shanked, and they deserve to get their ass whooped.
Wigger: Yo dawg, waz shakin' honkies

Regular person: What the hell?

Wigger: Whoah, man don't hate, i'm just playin' shit man, hey how does it feel to be a cracker.

Other person: what a faggot.

Wigger: Lets roll honkies, I got a deal I got to finish and then we can all get strung out on some Mary Jane yo.

Regualar Person: where do you live, who are your parents.

Wigger: please bitch, I don't got no mom and dad, I shot them. I grew up on the streets. slept with a gat ever since I was 5 bitch.

Other person: Let's whoop this mother fucker's ass.

Wigger: Whoah niggas don't be up in my grill or I'll bust a cap in your ass.

Other two guys beat up Wigger

Other guy: How does it feel to shine cocks you pathetic excuse for blood and skin

Wigger: gag, gag, gag, swallow, gag.
by Me233223 May 07, 2009

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