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short for lebanese, usually refers to Australian lebanese primarily in Sydney, Alot of Anglos label lebs as racist, scum, so on, yet it is them who first came to this country and slaughtered thousands of Native aboriginals, who had been living in this country for years before. They call themself patriots yet they are the biggest mob of racist pigs in Australia. eg is cronulla riots, where thousands of them tured up for a 'peaceful protest', they all got drunk of their heads which is the only tradition or custom they have, and ganged up on any ethnic person they could find leb or not. Lebs are often accused of going around in gangs, but this is misunderstood, They are a proud race who do not back down, they support each other no matter what, they do not take bonds lightly, eg if your family is in trouble, you protect them, its natural instinct, but because other people eg Anglos, are too scared and weak to back up the people they know, Lebs get blamed for being too aggresive. Of course there are some lebs who are plain dickheads, as with any group, this happens, but the stereotype that has been labelled 'leb' is one that is fueled by ignorance, and media looking for a cheap headline.
typical sunday night for lebs: having a family bbq and eiher chatting with family/friends around an argeelah(hubbly bubbly), or taking their cars which have been modified for casual cruises and meeting others in the scene.

ANGLO night: getting together with a group of mates, either going to a pub where you get so pissed you end up attacking someone, or, (more often and cheaper) staying at home with mates and getting drunk with bulk buy beer and also giving it to children for a laugh.
by Me No lie July 10, 2008

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