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One who is unknowing of her value. A very *special* girl who understands the nature of cheesiness, likes ham, and would never put her boyfriend in a cage if he were ever her owl. Owns a unique set of changing eyes, usually a beautiful, aquaric blue-gray. Like a pair of dark opals but with the value of a jade. Has the spirit of an angelfish and has similar character traits of the birthstone "Aquamarine" which has a sacred relationship with the November birthstone "Topaz". Has the best laugh ever heard, especially when heard from her own pocket. A cute and sweet smile to match a sweet and cute face, best to be seen when that very same face starts to blush a shade of red that cannot be considered pink. Will make a wonderful pianist, but an even more wonderful girlfriend. Anyone who knows a Hanna should consider themselves lucky........I should know, Hanna cured my blindness.
I wish to meet Hanna in my next life.
by Me, with the eyes :P March 26, 2011

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