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Whore paint is Makeup. Whore paint is worn by insecure, unattractive, materialistic and self-absorbed women (and sometimes gay men) for the purposes of creating an illusion of beauty. However, more often than not, these women end up looking like Clowns, or 42nd street hookers.

Whore paint is akin to War paint, used by midievel warriors, which was used to freighten or imtimidate their enemies...Whore paint can often achieve the same goal.
Oh damn! That lonely chick in the corner has like 5 pounds of whore paint on.
by Me, Me, ME May 09, 2005
A small island state in the Caribean, just southeast of the United States. This island is a tumultous and dirty breeding ground for filthy, lazy people. Peurto Ricans are proud, hence their silly flags and CD's hanging from the mirrors of their fart-piped, rice-burners. They are overrunning the SouthEast and Northeast United states, and breeding like roaches. They refuse to assimilate into American culture and are causing a large problem, especially in Florida.
Another damned band of 'Ricans just got arrested at the park for causing trouble.
by Me, Me, ME May 09, 2005
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