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An epicly awesome six person band. They all wear masks on stage and have awesome names like: Charlie Scene, J-Dog, Johnny 3 Tears (J3T), 9Lives, Da Kurlzz, and Funny Man (and in their old songs Shady Jeff and Tha Producer/Duece). Genre: According to Charlie Scene, "Dat Bomb S**t," or gangster goth. Also rap and hip hop with a touch of metal and screamo. They have party songs like "No. 5" and "Tear it Up" and mournfull/heavy songs like "Young" and "Circles." Check this out! Unless you hate cussing. Then just walk the hell away. HU4L!!!!
Peter: Yo check it, I just got the new Hollywood Undead single!
Jaylyn: Awesome that s**t is bomb!

I pledge allegiance to the mask,
That I'll carry whiskey in my flask,
And anyone to diss HU,
I'll leave a bloody mess of you,
3 tears for you we all shall cry,
For we are family, you and I,
All day, all night our flag shall fly,
The Undead Army till the day we die.
by Me+Music February 13, 2011

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