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one who appears to be squeaky clean, but is actually utter filth.

word is uttered with extra 'ph' to give gravitas to how filthy this specimen of human male is.

philth is naturally tiny like a pygmy, as the filthiest things in the world come in small packages
"Look at that bloke coming on to that poor girl. He's just philth."
by Me! May 18, 2005
a very, very promiscuous person. combination of the words slut and whore
that girl brings a different man to her room everyday. she is such a slor
by me! February 19, 2005
crattie pooster as you all know it comes from the movie "pootie tang" and it means "pimp"
I am the biggest crattie pooster in all of the land.
by me! January 05, 2005
the best alterative rock station ever
103.1 fm The Buzz
i always list to the top 5 at 10 on 103.1 the buzz
by me! January 09, 2005
used to show cunfuzzlement or aggravation
"O.k what?
*other person talks*
"OY Maloy!!!!!"
by me! December 24, 2004
what our kids are learning now a days at school from teachers who've gone to college and didn't learn what they were 'spose to.
well...enough said
by Me! April 01, 2004
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