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To betray, backstab, diss, or punk someone with the intent of causing harm to their reputation.
He's going to torpedo Doug's election chances by telling the press about his adulterous ways.
by mcgggggg May 31, 2005
somebody's asshole, a butt hole
two in the pinky one in the stinky
by mcgggggg May 27, 2005
Abbreviation for “fat above the pussy area.”
Question: How does she look?
Answer: She’s all right except she’s got a little fapusa.
by Mcgggggg June 30, 2005
To be betrayed, backstabbed, dissed, or punked by a someone you thought loyal.
Usually it's bros before hos, but Eddy torpedoed me with that bitch.
by mcgggggg May 31, 2005
Having your last drink of the night.
Usually said three quarters of the way down a pint of beer, i.e., when you actually start to see the bottom of the glass.
From the expression “bottoms up.”
Bartender: Another beer, Jack?
Jack: No. I'm seeing bottoms.
by Mcgggggg June 28, 2005
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