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A girls vagina.
There is one in China
by McBogans February 14, 2004
whilst reciving oral sex off someone, strike a closed fist to the side of their head to make seminal fluid flow from the nostrils
by McBogans July 08, 2003
An entirely excellent group of people consisting of Jester, Mad Mike, Mr. A, Weeman, Slim, Greeny, Stork, Penguin, Mr Fug(also known as Mullet, Ugly, Nova and many more), Cods, Boong. The Mcbogans are also a basketball team who kick The Fonz's ass. We perform various types of stunts and outrageous feats
The Fonz Suck Balls
by Mcbogans February 11, 2004
after bestoing the act of anal sex apon someone, the penis is removed and when the flow of urine is started a small pellet of fecal matter is shot off.
he shit pellet flew out of my arse and hit my partner in the eye
by McBogans July 08, 2003
a thick gooey substance consisting of faeces and "man goo".
by McBogans July 08, 2003
bunch of snotty cunts who live on a canteen bench and they like to think they r hot shit wen not many ppl like them.
MCC has a supposed A class
by Mcbogans October 17, 2004
a really mean insult, usually directed at younger girls... "skanks" about year 10 or under. can be used to insult anyone
geez Bilson, ur a fuck slut!
by Mcbogans October 17, 2004
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