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Also known as (P.E.A) The process of when right after a man ejaculates, a trigger occurs and the man's mind and emotions are completely clear. After ejaculating they do not care about anyone or anything and has a huge impact on there decision making. Thats why most guys leave after sex or feel very comfortable around there partner. It is also used as a defense mechanism against women. You see women posses the power of manipulation threw emotions, while guys posses the power of clearing out emotions, but only threw ejaculation.
I had a bad case of Post-Ejaculation Apathy thats why me and maria aren't together anymore.

Did you just not want to be with her or did you have a Post-Ejaculation Apathy?
by McSteamy Prendes November 17, 2010
When a girl or boy who is over weight or unappealing takes a picture of themselves at a certain camera angle to make him or herself look better. Usually used for Social Network websites like Facebook, or Myspace. The angled picture will usually cut parts of the body out such as the torso in order to hide that part of the body from others in order to make themselves more appealing to the opposite or same sex.
I can't tell if this girl is hot or not, she must be using a Kameo 45.

Dirk used a Kameo 45 in order to get Marys phone number over the internet.
by McSteamy Prendes November 22, 2010

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