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You say this when somebody blatantly states the meaning of a joke that everybody got.

It comes from the episode of Family Guy when Peter becomes friends with Lois's father.
Carter: "Ace high or low"
Peter: "It goes both ways."
*everybody laughs*
Ted Turner: "like a bisexual"
Peter: "That was the joke Ted."
by McNooget April 15, 2010
Permission to creep somebody's facebook profile.
Just look at my profile pic. I'm not a creep. I give you creep certification!
by McNooget September 25, 2010
When there are more than two people participating in a conversation on an online chat service.
"Hey, invite some friends, we'll start a convorgy!"

"Alright, I love convorgies!"
by McNooget April 07, 2010
The same as good times, but for things that haven't happened yet.
I'd be like "Fuck you!" and you'd be like "I'm going to murder you asshole!" Good Future Times!
by McNooget October 03, 2010
To ignore somebody by listening to music too loudly, or by pretending to listen to music.
"Hey! ...Hello?"
"She's gignoring you, see the earphones?"
"I hate it when people gignore me!"
by McNooget April 19, 2010
When a guy performs oral sex on a girl while she is taking a shit.
"What do you call a blumpkin for a girl?"

"Oh that's dumpster diving."
by McNooget April 26, 2010
Causing an uncontrollable urge to dance.
This song is really disturbing my foot hair!
by McNooget November 07, 2010
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