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Don Corlimon - Apparently begun in Miami Beach by a member of the Baccardi family who lives and drinks there, this relatively new and refreshing combination of Corona beer and Baccardi Limon is catching on quickly as a "juiced up" high octane version of "Corona & Lime". Simply drink the ice cold beer from the neck of the bottle and replace it with ice cold Baccardi Limon and there you have it. Heretofore, nameless, it seemed imbibers must have an easy way to communicate their new favorite drink to their friendly barkeeps. Theoretically, the bartender could either put up a beer and a shot or pour off the neck and combine it for the patron.
"What'll ya have?"

"Gimme a Lite and a couple of Don Corlimons, please"
by McMickey June 25, 2010
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