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A big fucking turd that smells like it came from the Devil's ass!
My fucking sick lazy brother can't even flush. I went to take a leak this morning and there was a fucking serote the size of my forearm in the toilet.
by McLuvin505 May 02, 2008
A term used in New Mexico when playing basketball, referring to a lucky shot as opposed to a basket made due to skill.
You can't play ball the only baskets you make are sappos.
by McLuvin505 May 01, 2008
Just as Mr. Maestas said, a Mojau is an Illegal immigrant from Mexico. What Phil forgot to add was that some people mistakably call them Mojados. This is incorrect because while the basic idea is the same, Mojado] simply means wet. It is an adjective and only describes the condition of the people in question. Mojau is a proper noun that incorporates the descriptive qualities of the adjective mojado, but also is a name.
I went to eat at the Frontier yesterday; and the Mojau busboy dropped a container of silverware all over thhe place.
by McLuvin505 May 04, 2008
An oafish dimwitted goofball from a small town, usually from the Southern or Midwestern states, but can also be found in the American Southwest , Pacific Northwest and occasionally the more rural areas of New England. Similar to a hick but with more limited cognitive abilities (as hard to swallow as that might be). Goobers can have lovable characteristics, but that’s not always set in stone.
On the movie Deliverance the guys who sodomized Ned Beatty were hillbillies, while the retard with the banjo was simply a harmless goober.
by McLuvin505 May 03, 2008
The nickname given to Albuquerque by hispanic locals. In the past ten years or so a nameless local free weekly magazine decided to steal the term and anglicize for their own shameless self promotion by changing the pronounciation from Burque to "Ber-kee".

Yo soy de Burque!!!
by McLuvin505 May 02, 2008
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