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Member of an Islamic sect whose adherents claim to follow the the righteous predecessors (i.e. the Salaf) of the Prophet Muhammad, while disregarding any traditional teachings as heretical and reinterpreting the Qur'anic text to serve their own purpose. Salafis are usually stricken with a tourette-like speech impediment compelling them to spew such gibberish as : "Bidah-bidah-bidah-bidah!". Extremely paranoid, they tend to label any disagreeing Muslim as a Sufi, and love to "give advice" to others about the way they pray. Salafis usually begin fasting the month of Ramadan when some relative calls them from overseas to tell them to, as they don't believe in such "non-sense" as waiting for the new moon to be sighted. Also, they frighten children.
Bilal follows the teachings of Bin Baz, Al-Albani and Uthaymeen. When he became religious, he burned all his CDs and now says that Shiites are Kafiroon, he's a Salafi.
by McKinnay July 28, 2010
Porte-manteau term used as a derogative aimed at females. Comprised of "Douche Bag" and "Slag", hence combining the attributes associated with both words, into one.
A young woman or girl with questionable moral values and a natural attraction towards complete Douche Bags, coupled with a total absence of intellect and self-censorship, compounded with an overall lack of class.
Marty : Bro, you know Ben's ex, Jenny?
Sam : You mean the slut who gave B.Jss to the entire Lacrosse team?
Marty: Yup, that's the one!
Sam: What about her?
Marty: Well, I saw her last night at Angel's and she was lap dancing all over this greasy metrosexual poofter!!!
Sam: Dude! She's a total Douche Slag!
by McKinnay July 28, 2010

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