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All Americans of Mexican descent(Chicanos) who have sold out their culture in favor of Anglo American culture. Basically, the Brown equivalent of an Uncle Tom.
Attourney General Alberto Gonzales is a Vendido. He and Condoleza Rice need a reality check.
#coconut #puto #chismoso #churiso #pendejo
by McKickazz June 21, 2006
Another word for "Nazi" or "Facist".


Someone who is incredibly cruel.
The founder of Save Our State, Joeseph Turner, is an Eichmann.

Melissa Leigh Hogan of Palm Harbor, Florida is an Eichmann.
#nazi #witch #cruel #mean #evil
by McKickazz July 01, 2006
Another way of saying "fuck you".
Girls do this too.
Melissa said "Tully, Im sorry I missed your party, Ill call you, we can hang out this weekend."

As you can expect, she didn't call back. I love it when people lie to me. :-(
#lies #bullshit #nonsense #broken promise #abandonment
by McKickazz July 01, 2006
A white blues/rock musician who has the balls eneough to tell the truth about how stupid most rap is, and draws attention to how it is custom to hate white people in PC America. He gets a lot of flack from rappers, particularly the whore, Marshal Matthers (or whatever the fuck his name is), and his Fat Fuck Friend Dr. Dre.
- Mongoloid : " I hate everlast, because Feminem does, and I blindly follow what ever he and his butt buddies in D12 tell me."

- Me : " Sorry, *BANG*, Im going to have to disagree with you there."

- Mongoloid : " *Gurgles as blood from gunshot wound fills his lungs* "
#house of pain #black jesus #what its like #white trash beautiful #7 years
by McKickazz June 23, 2006
Save Our State. An organization now rightfully filed under the "Hate Groups" category by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Joseph Turner, founder of Save Our State(SOS), is a total cunt, and a hypocritical dousche, who has Downs Syndrome.
#save our state #minutemen #amerikkka #racism #neo nazi
by McKickazz July 01, 2006
Ireland is one of the few (if only) countries in Europe that is not being overrun by Muslims or African nationals, has a positive Native birth rate, and are proud of who they are. Long live Ireland.
Frenchie: "Oui-Oui, I don't have le courage, to stand up for my country and my people, which is why or cities have ethnic riots and violence."

Danishman: " I habe das same problem, with our cartoons, we are at the mercy of religious extremists. Help us Ireland!"

Irishman: "Not our problem, grow some balls you pussies."
#irish #proud #emerald isle #st. patrick's day #irland #wimps
by McKickazz May 28, 2006
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