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When a man removes body hair via hot wax in or around his pubic area for one of two purposes:

1. To prevent pubic hair from being visible around the edges of his underwear or swimsuit

2. To provide physical comfort or visual pleasure for his significant other
"Honey! It looks like I'm hiding a freakin' wig in my speedos! I told you I should've gotten that boyzillian wax before we left for Hawaii."

"Sweetpea? I want to be honest with you. Our physical relationship would be so much better if you would go and get that boyzillian wax. It's a jungle down there!"
#wax #brazillian #boyzillian #hair #pubic #swimsuit
by McKenji June 23, 2009
A young man who seduces a spectacularly wealthy, but tremendously old woman strictly for the possible monetary benefits he might receive after her passing. (a la Anna Nicole Smith)
"He's been trying to hook up at the senior center for months. What a Manna Nicole Smith!"
#money #senior #smith #young #old #wealthy #inheritance #will #anna #nicole
by McKenji June 23, 2009
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