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1. A large brown solid that makes its exit from a creatures body through the anus.

2. David Becham
1. I just did a big jobby

2. I hate david becham for he is a jobby, in fact he's a big jobby.
by McKean February 13, 2007
1) a question when one is curious about what is going on around him.

2)A popular greeting greating used instead of "hello".

3) A state of confusion when used in a situation where both definitions intertwine.
eg. when you have just met someone whom you know and who may be curious about a situation or the goings on around you.
1) whats happnin here then lads?

2) whats happnin man!

3) person 1: "whats happnin"

person 2: "whats happnin man"

person 1: "naw, whats actualy happnin"

person 2: "do you mean 'whats happnin' as in 'whats
happnin'or 'whats happnin' as in whats
actualy happnin?"

person 1: "I dunni even ken any mare man, I'm fuckin
lost, lets just roll a jeeber."
by McKean January 22, 2007
1. Food is inserted into an indeviduals mouth, the food is then digested and goes through a complicated process, the food then makes an exit from the body via the anus as a small brown substance.

2. That wee Lil' Chris guy.
1. I have returned from the toilet, where I suceeded in doing a wee jobby, but do not fear for I wiped my bum throughly as I am currently wearing white boxer shorts.

2. That Lil Chris guy is utter pish. He thinks he's all that and a bag of tatties, but he's actualy just a wee jobby, I would like to throw stuff at him.
by McKean February 13, 2007
1. The German word for motorway, useually their is no speed limit.

2. A game played by stoners, simelar to killer where there are many joints going round many people at a speedy 2 draw pass rate, if you cannot keep up with the autobahn, you are over taken and the joint by passes you. It is named after the German motorway due to its fast pace.
1. Shpriedenfiner manbourachein fachkshreikenmiender, autobahn.

2. There's rakes eh folk, rakes eh doobies, lets get the autobahn on the go!
by McKean January 27, 2007

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