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"Chester the Molester" was a comic strip from Hustler magazine, of a dirty old man who always wore skid-marked panties on his head. It was written by Dwaine B. Tinsley and ran for 13 years, in the 80's and 90's.
Did you see this month's "Chester the Molester" cartoon in Hustler?
by McHoon January 28, 2010
Frappy is a neologism meaning, "frantically happy."

This comes from the 1980s comic strip, "Toby Juan: Hound of Decadence," where Toby's owner's name was Dave Frappus.

Frappy (adj); to frap, frapping, frapped (v). Synonyms include ham, cheeky, and in Spanish, chiflado. It nicely fills a void in the English lexicon where no other word quite captures the spirit of unprovoked silliness.
For example, when a puppy, for no apparent reason starts running around the house like a maniac. Or, when a newborn colt suddenly feels spunky and takes off, farting across the pasture. People can be frappy also, especially little kids when they are feeling silly and goofy. Frappy can also be understood as just plain, silly-cute.

"Look at that frappy little kitten, playing with that piece of string."

Or, "I just got a raise at work and I sure am feeling frappy today."
by mchoon July 01, 2010
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