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The chair that ivan sits on. The birth place of the fat french supply teacher.
you're ivan's dream chair!
you are like ivan's chair
by McGyver January 14, 2005
Gung ho military enthusiasts taken with TV shit like night sight goggles, smart bombs and robot tanks who don't realize that when they get into the real thing they don't even get enough armor to cover their ass from a 12 year old with a grenade.
Yo Starship Trooper, go real, go boom!
by McGyver March 02, 2005
What your opinion is worth.
Person offering advice or no use.

From the red cent, good only for prices of $XXXX.99
"Thanks for the 411 Abe (Lincoln)."
by McGyver March 02, 2005
Dick hound. Girl out for your weenie.
Don't bother gettin serious bout her man, she a one eyed pirate.
by McGyver March 02, 2005

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