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code for: What's That Bitch Talking About?
What's That Bitch Talking About is a spoof game show featured on Saturday Night Live when Tina Fey hosted. The title can also double as a phrase used in conversation or in the classroom when an annoying person or teacher says something unbelievable and/or difficult to understand. It is said in code so the person being referred to as "bitch" is unaware and therefore not offended.
Teacher: And then you calculate a 95% confidence interval predicting the population proportion using the sample standard deviation and hypothetical velocity.
Bob: Dude, what's that BTA?
Rob: I have no clue man.


Girlfriend: Joe you said you'd call me in the morning when you woke up!
Joe to friend: What's that BTA now?
by McGlovan February 25, 2008
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