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1. The act of throwing a student planner on the table in anger during an RS lesson.
2. The ramblings of McGazza after vandalisation of his student planner.
3. A sexual dance created by the aboriginal Hieednesees of South Africa.
Origin: Word is believed to have been created as the result of a christmas R.S. lesson that went horribly wrong, resulting in the uprising of a Jedi Council House and the uniting of polish and Polish lovers.
Caitlin plommed and Zoe's polish lover was extremely annoyed!
by McGazza December 18, 2009
A speech made in years 7, 8, 9 and 10 of an Oxfordshire school. People spend time on them and generally find them to be the single worst experience of their life. Watching them is perhaps one of the most tedious exercises anyone can participate in with the rare exception of a good speech, such as those made by many year 10 students in Spring 2010.
Did you hear McGazza's syson ? It was epic.
Goetz scared me with his syson.
Mark's syson was on the moon landings being faked. What an idiothole!
by McGazza May 29, 2010

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