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6 definitions by McFatty

A penis, cock, dick, schlong, etc.
Her cock pocket gnawed hungrily on his thick clam hammer.
by McFatty May 04, 2005
Male; to masturbate. See also Shining the Torpedo.
If I don't get any action on my date, I'll be buttering the corn cob later tonight.
by McFatty May 06, 2005
Male; to masturbate. See also Buttering the Corn Cob.
My Mom hasn't talked to me since she caught me shining the torpedo last week.
by McFatty May 06, 2005
Word combination of "brown" and "frere".
Josh is my best friend. He's my brere from a different mere!

Translation: Brother From Another Mother
by mcfatty April 26, 2012
A powerfully dank, sour-smelling flatulence that one spreads throughout a populated space.

A mix between the words "infusion" and "fust".
Man, Heather really cleared out the office with her post-burrito lunch infustion.
by McFatty February 07, 2013
A girl who goes down on the first time out.
"Last night was great!"

"What'd you do?"

"I went out with Mary."

"Oh? The Titanic? Nice!"

*high fives*
by McFatty May 04, 2005