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Describes actions of one who is willing to self sacrifice for the genuine good of ones country. Sometimes mistakenly described as those with blind loyalty and unwilling to question authority.
The amount of flags on a front lawn does not determine how patriotic a person is. A healthy mistrust of government is truly patriotic.
by McCluskey January 30, 2008
The greatest team in NFL history. About to complete the first 19 game undefeated season. Set records for; most points scored in a season, most touchdowns in a season, largest point diiferential in a season, most touchdown passes in a season and most touchdown receptions in a season. Enroute to their 4th NFL Championship vanquished, Dallas, Indianapolis, Pittsburg, San Diego, Jacksonville, NY Giants, Washington all of which were playoff teams.
19-0 is all that need be said about the 2007 New England Patriots.
by McCluskey January 26, 2008

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