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The guy who defines the word PERFECT. He is the best musician, singer, song-writer, and composer on this whole planet!! He outranks all his fellow musicians and outshines the rest of The Beatles. He was known as the "Cute Beatle" but I'd say he's the "Sexiest, funniest, most charming, sweetest, wittiest, most talented, most handsome, and most beautiful man on Earth"!!!!! He is the idol of million and millions of people around the world. (most people forget this, but he also had a band called Wings from 1971 to 1981, and it was the biggest sensation in the 70's and was truly an amzaaazing band....well, of course, cuz it was run by Paul McCartney!) And btw, he is a great actor too! AND he's vegetarian! HE'S PERFECT.
{girl no. 1}: HEY GUYS!!!! I have tickets to Paul McCartney's concert in New York!!!!! I think I'm gonna have a heart attack out of my excitement!! GODDDD, this is my dream come true!!

{girl no. 2}: OMFG!!! You should totally flash him if you get the chance!!!

{girl no. 3}: Oh no, you're not going 'cause I'm stealing your ticket!!!!

{guy}: Oh, damn, you are sooo lucky to get a ticket 'cause the concert's sold out!! I would LOVE to see a Paul McCartney concert!! No homo or anything, but Paul is really HOT, even now that he's 66, he's still got his good looks.
by McCartney Love March 27, 2009

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