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Tricias are amazing people. They have a great sense of humor and an amazing heart. Tricias care less about themselves than they care about a stranger. You can admire tricias from a distance but she will always love just one person. Tricias may look intimidating but theyre fragile once you get to know them. Tricias are normally short with long hair, small hamds, small feet, but very beautiful. Tricias are passionate creatures and when they love someone there is no taking that away. Tricias are good with their hands and doing things that others cant imagine to do with their body. Tricias are very flexible and talented and will succeed in anything they do. If you get a tricia never let her go. Ever. They are strong and independant, if you are allowed into a tricias life dont take that for granted. Tricias are rare and hard to find. Tricias are humble and have low self esteem and very sensitive. Treat tricias like a treasure.
Ex: "Oh my gosh, is that a Tricia!"
Ex: " I'm looking for a Tricia but i cant seem to find one"
Ex: " Look at that tricia, isn't she beautiful?"
by mcawesome November 30, 2012
anyone who says blink182 sold out doesnt really kno what they are talking about. they are still making good music. if u got a taste of fame, wouldnt u keep making music people like? maybe its music they like to make. and u are saying that ur all against what everyone else does, but arent u following the crowd by calling blink182 sold out and acting like ur against the crowd? UR NOT FOOL!
i will be president one day!
by McAwesome December 12, 2003
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