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1.A savage groping of a mans testicles, usually by a woman.
2.A grabbing and tearing of the genital area
Man that bitch opened up a box of RAPE NUTS on Roy.
by Mc Matt December 02, 2004
A statment usually about someone talking about something boring.
<matt> is jim done tellin his speilio?
<chris> nah, he's still goin'
<matt> Shit!
by Mc Matt December 03, 2004
An expression of lament of the situation at hand, means only a bitch or a hoe (whore) can make it better.
Bitch Hoe Bitch this is some whack shit!
by Mc Matt December 01, 2004
The act of having sex with a cat, than naming all of the hideous half human-half cat offspring Muffin.
<matt> What did you do this weekend Jake?
<jake> i wuz makin muffins!
<matt> ahhh yeah.
by Mc Matt December 03, 2004

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