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Awesome little 1/2" creatures that are very strong ecspecially good in big numbers. They come available in colors of Red;which are resisant to fire, Blue;which can go swimming, Yellow; which cannot be killed by electricity, Purple; which have the strength and girth of 10 pikmin, and White; which are immune to poisin. A very fun and addictive game another masterpiece from the mind of Shigeru Miyamoto.
The fag above mine tells all lies about Pikmin. He must be one of those damn Halo fagboys that need to be wipped of the face of this Earth or educated.
by Mc Mario December 03, 2004
This game is highly addictive. It features an epic story mode that tells a great story, with even greater challenges. There are so many great guns on this game it isn't even funny. There is a massively huge multiplayer mod with tons of crazy bots that are helluva tough(like MR. T)and awesomely funny. They also have a mapmaker were you can make your own multiplayer levels and story mode missions. It's extremely detailed and extremely easy so any idiot(like yourself)can pick up the controller and feel special. And there are more then 130 characters available, but you have to try to unlock them through the numerous(around more then 200)Challenge Mode and Arcade League which helps you become a Master at the game like me. And the graphics are very nice and there is no lag and blazing fast and realistic gun play.The sound and music is so great only few games are in it's legue for great music and sound effects.
Time Splitters 2 is the shiznit and Future Perfect will be even better. Since you get to drive cars, and get even more looney characters.
by Mc Mario December 03, 2004
Legendary Air Pirate from a great RPG called Skies of Arcadia Legends. He is awesome at anything he tries and is the best pirate ever. All the girls love him.
Vyse is the best pirate ever! Cervantes is cool, but Vyse takes the Cake.
by Mc Mario December 03, 2004
Mario Kart Double Dash is awesome the two people in a sinlge kart was an ingeouus idea and shpws why Nintendo is the Number 1 video game developer. The graphics and sound are great. The controls are awesome. And the level design with the highly interactive enviorments. Ahhh if you haven't played this game you have lived.
Mario Kart Double Dash is in my opinion the best game in the Mario Kart Series and the second best racer ever next to Burnout 3 Takedown.
by Mc Mario December 03, 2004
A highly overrated piece of crap for a video game. The only people who like it are dumb fags who think they know about video games. When there video game knowledge can't compare to mine. Warning: This game is highly overrated and boring do not play or you may just turn into a faggot.
Some xbox fagboys think Halo is the best, because they are uneducated. And have never played the best multiplayer game which happens to be TimeSplitters 2, and soon to be TimeSplitters 3.
by Mc Mario December 03, 2004
Sequel to the most overly rated games of are time there is nothing revolutionary about these stupid series. The weapons are weak and unispired and the rockets are way to slow. The vechiles plain out suck. The levels are nice and big, but with no A.I. they just overly big for no reason. The stroy is crap it seems like it was made up in seconds.
<Fagboy> Halo 2 will be the best game ever!
<Straight Guy> Shut the fuck up you trick ass biatch.
<Fagboy> ahh duh Halo 2, Halo 2, Halo 2
<Straight Guy> What's so good about Halo 2 give me 1 good reason.
<Fagboy> Screw you; you're gay.
<Straight Guy> What would you rather do have sex with a hot super model that has real everything or play faggot Halo 2
<Fagboy> duhhhh I'm so stupid Halo 2 duhhh
by Mc Mario December 03, 2004

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