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two round supple objects enjoyed by all ages that can produce warm milk when a lady friend is knocked up
If a woman presents her baby feeders feel that you are being honored and suck those moist bloating breasts dry.
by mc Cream Dream November 25, 2007
Another way of saying big old titties with some letters mixed around, and it also sounds pretty tight.
Her tig old biggies were so ginormous that she was the reason the Titanic went down so fast.
by Mc Cream Dream October 29, 2007
noun a girl or woman that you can look at without thinkinking and come up with the conclusion that you would touch her butt.
The top sheyla had tig old biggies.
by Mc Cream Dream October 29, 2007
noun This is a six letter word for people you hate.
As he tuged on my shirt this nagger wouldn't leave me alone beacause I put manoise on his sandwich.
by Mc Cream Dream October 30, 2007
noun This is to descripe the stereotypical jew swinding money out of honest non-Jewish people.
Look at that tittyfuck jew who is playing jewbalene with those beatifull old people.
by Mc Cream Dream October 29, 2007
Tight; related to not being a squishy orafice, but rather as the nice firm and wet fruit. Sometimes people also use this word and it seems as if they are saying it is cool, but what they really mean is that it is as tight as an asian.
That asian was so tight that I had a rashy red ring in the middle of my pennis.
by Mc Cream Dream October 27, 2007

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