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A really weird way to say yeah, or absofreakin'lutely.
Rick: "'Ey, ya wanna get sum'm t' eat?

Playa: "YAY-YUH!!!!!"

Rick: "A'ight den."
#yeah #mm-hm #yes'm #a'ight #hiya
by Mbeh September 22, 2007
1)Derogatory term for honkies. Mostly used by African-americans, but it is also used by Hispanics, Hindus, and other minorities.

2)White people are the only people that can call whiteies this and not be taken as derogatory, taking a different meaning than the first. "Cracka" would also be acceptable in this case.

3)Tasty, dry, thin, salty bread-based things that are usually square, with lots of little ridges on the edges. Commonly crumbled and placed in soup. They can be dipped in thick, gooey, or watery food such as: peanut butter, melted cheese, salsa, taffy, caramel, etc., then eaten. Also, it can have small food, or small wedges of large food placed upon it.
Ghettoguy: "Get chyo' ass outta ah hood, cracka!"(Ghettospeak for cracker)

Honky: *Sighs*"I do not speak Ghetto. However, based on my knowledge, it would be an intelligent concept if I were to place myself in a "running" position and avoid being rendered lifeless by this gentleman's large firearm."

Honky: "Hey, Cracker! What is up? And some watered down street slang."

Playa Honky: "Hey, yo man! I be chillin' wih mah brutha awn th' flipside downTOWN!!!"


Person: (Eats crackers with honey smeared on top.)"Mmmmmm... cra-"
(Admiral Ackbar breaks through window and sucker-punches Person in the face)

Admiral Ackbar: "IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!"

#derogatory #honky #whitey #respect #tasty
by Mbeh September 25, 2007
A derogatory term for humans with no magical abilities. Used by wizards, witches, other magic folk, and freak wannabe's. Becomes non-derogatory when used by fellow non-magic persons to their fellow mugs.
Wizard freak: "Ha, ha! Yer a retarded muggle!"(Throws dirt)
Muggle: *cries*


Normal Person: "Hey, yo! Wuddup m' muggle?!
Muggle: "Nuttin' much, blud."

#magic #derogatory #mug #wizard #witch
by Mbeh September 23, 2007
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