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ridiculously vain , obsessed with childish characters like 'hello kitty' and my little pony' wears stupidly tight band shirts which they have never even heard of let alone actually like. takes photos that aren't at all 'slutty' with half there nipple out .
scene kid:typically dressed in too tight jeans , shitty band t-shirt,is so called original has atleast 1000 ickle scene maties on MYSPACE goes to local gigs of bands they probably actually can't stand but most go to be scene . Wears stupid over sized bow things in hair. Cuts own e-brow skimming fringe which of course must have atleast a few shades of red or blonde in the fringe that covers one eye.stupidly fake use of eyeliner. Fake pearl necklaces that are fake and look stupid with the clash of other charity shop'vintage' necklaces...
by Mazzie November 06, 2009

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