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Generally poor or unpleasant. Often, though not necessarily, prefixed with 'the'.
Eating liver is the wabro.
by Mazca October 08, 2003
unfastening your seatbelt in a car for the purposes of removing your jacket.
I think I shall remove my coat before I get in the car, or else I'll be risking coldplay if it gets warm.
by Mazca April 29, 2005
To acquire marijuana. Derived from "Henry the Eighth", where "eighth" is a common unit it is sold in.
I'm just going to go and meet henry.
by Mazca May 09, 2007
A piece of music designed with the specific intention of being really bad.
I swear half of Third Eye Blind's tracks are hasneaafusnileefs.
by Mazca November 21, 2003
An expression of extreme delight.

Derived from a combination of 'woo yay' and 'wisny'
I just found $50! Wooyaywisny!
by Mazca November 14, 2003

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